Babipouce Cotton Flower First Baby Doll

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If you're looking for baby's first doll, look no further! Babipouce Cotton Flower is a perfect choice from the Corolle mon Doudou collection of dolls for infants.

Babipouce Cotton Flower is wearing a solid pink-footed outfit with a pink and white striped bodice. And, there's a touch of gold trim at the bodice and on the collar. Her cap is solid pink with a pink and white striped band. The clothes are extremely soft to the touch which will delight and intrigue little ones. The doll's blue eyes look to her left and there are some strands of light brown hair painted on her forehead.

Babipouce is a great choice as a first doll to buy a new baby. Babipouce dolls measure approximately 11 inches in length and are designed specifically to be baby's first doll. They are lightweight, soft-bodied, and have a vinyl head and vinyl hands. The vinyl has a delicate scent of vanilla. Their features (eyes, hair and lip color) are delicately painted on the doll. Babipouce dolls are cute, cuddly and very lovable.

Babipouce dolls have baby-safe outfits...they are part of the doll and cannot be removed. Even the cap is part of the doll. Safe for baby and you don't have to worry about losing or misplacing part of the outfit.

Babipouce Cotton Flower is a first snuggly for baby to love and is sure to become a very special first friend. There is a reason Babipouce dolls have been in the Corolle line year after year.

This doll is machine washable on the gentle cycle and should be line dried.

For ages birth and up.

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