“Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety”

Cleopatra is a classy queen. Perfect curves complement the strong body and substantial proportions. Corner posts are stylishly carved to complement the wrap-around apron. Round and Square meet in perfect harmony on the drawer fronts to tone down the bold classic design and reveal its gentle side. Fabrics and crystals will enhance the sparkle. Timeless beauty!

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Imperio Collection is the Classy Classic.

Generous proportion and functional pedestal base complemented by the perfect balance or round and square mouldings. Design features are preserved throughout the conversion stages. Cool but not too cool, warm and cozy and mixing lots of features and trends, all in one, to meet all expectations from urban eclectic to country classic. Alright, it is very COOL!

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Antonio is bold but subtle, a strong but delicate wooden sculpture.

Antonio is a bold classic flavored design. Oversize “Queen Anne” legs seamlessly sculpted out of a block of hardwood, framed drawer fronts with recessed backing, contour apron front and around the pieces accentuates and elevated the curved body. This is an “up-cycled classic”, out with the traditional features and in with filtered classic ones for a Timeless and Elegant look.

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Simple Sophistication, a shaker style shaking design boundaries.

Karisma Collection is a subtle blend of styles to find a place in the everyday DYI design Jedi. Modern but not too minimalist, gender neutral with limitless accent possibilities, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

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Furniture and Art singing together in perfect harmony.

With soft curves accentuated by tripe routed edges and angled corner posts, Nerva is sure to make a lasting impression in any design setting. A classic but the exciting kinda classic combination of style and form, timeless and tasteful.

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Mid-Century Modern. Ideal for small spaces with big ideas.

Sleek straight lines and softly angled legs, not too much pattern and color variation. They might call this mid-century but we made it mid-century Awesome. Awesome and Simple. Maybe not too simple but functional and beautiful. Laser Cut applique and two-tone options elevate the minimalist concept for maximum design.

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Art-Deco inspiration, Modern aspiration.

Pandora ports the customer into a journey of style and trends with an harmonious blend of shape and color accentuated by the textural depth of the European Oak grain. Modern features with an instant classic feel pushing design boundaries. Push-to-open drawer systems, sculptural metal feet wrapped in a two-tone layer.

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Bold but not overwhelming presence, modern and comfortable.

Ventianni Collection is inspired by the simplicity of the 1920s clean lines, substantial but balanced proportions and accentuated by color variation. The 20s were good years, the 20s are always a good age, beautiful and exuberant.

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Stout and chic bun foot furniture. The traditional style always in style.

Generous size bun feet completed the traditional combination of soft curves and lines where round is the dominant shape. Traditional means comfortable, everyday classic, cozy and easy going. And Yes, you can sure spice it up with a two-tone option or some sparkly handles.

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The instant classic, style traveler with a purpose.

Springing from its solid base, the design embraces soft curves and angled lines for a comfortable look. You can dress it up in a distressed rustic look, a bright contemporary finish, you can easily design it around your nursery ideas.

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