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SANTA PICTURES & Photo Gallery

Duck Dress
Will's First Santa!Santa 2013 1
Santa 2013-2Santa 2013-3Santa 2013-5
Santa 2013-6Santa 2013-7Santa 2013-8
Santa 2013-9Santa 2013-11Santa 2013-12
Santa 2013-13Santa 2013-14Santa 2013-15
Santa 2013-16Santa 2013-17Santa 2013-18
Santa 2013-19Santa 2013-20Santa 2013-21
Santa 2013-22Santa 2013-23Santa 2013-25
Santa 2013-26Santa 2013-27Santa 2013-28
Santa 2013-29Santa 2013-30Santa 2013-31
Santa 2013-32Santa 2013-33Santa 2013-34
Santa 2013-35Santa 2013-37Santa 2013-39
Santa 2013-40Santa 2013-40Santa 2013-41
Santa 2013-42Haven 2013-43Santa Pictures 2011-1
Santa Pictures 2011-2Santa Pictures 2011-32010-1
2010-2Santa Pictures 2011-4Santa Pictures 2011-5
Santa Pictures 2011-6Santa Pictures 2011-6Santa Pictures 2011-7
Santa Pictures 2011-8Santa Pictures 2011-11Santa Pictures 2011-12
Santa Pictures 2011-13Santa Pictures 2011-142010-3
Santa Pictures 2011-15Santa Pictures 2011-16Santa Pictures 2011-17
Santa Pictures 2011-18Santa Pictures 2011-19Santa Pictures 2011-20
Santa Pictures 2011-21Santa Pictures 2011-22Santa Pictures 2011-23
Santa Pictures 2011-25Santa Pictures 2011-24Santa Pictures 2011-26
Santa Pictures 2011-27Santa Pictures 2011-28Santa Pictures 2011-29
Santa Pictures 2011-30Santa Pictures 2011-31Santa Pictures 2011-32
Santa Pictures 2011-33Santa Pictures 2011-34Santa Pictures 2011-35
Santa Pictures 2011-36Santa Pictures 2011-37Santa Pictures 2011-38
Santa Pictures 2011-39Santa Pictures 2011-40Santa Pictures 2011-41
Santa Pictures 2011-42Santa Pictures 2011-43Santa Pictures 2011-44
Santa Pictures 2011-46Santa Pictures 2011-45Santa Pictures 2011-47
Santa Pictures 2011-48Santa Pictures 2011-49Santa Pictures 2011-50
Santa Pictures 2011-51Santa Pictures 2011-52Santa Pictures 2011-53
Santa Pictures 2011-54Santa Pictures 2011-55Santa Pictures 2011-56
Santa Pictures 2011-57Santa Pictures 2011-58Santa Pictures 2011-59
Santa Pictures 2011-60Santa Pictures 2011-61Santa Pictures 2011-62
Santa Pictures 2011-63Santa Pictures 2011-64Santa Pictures 2011-65
Santa Pictures 2011-66Santa Pictures 2011-67Santa Pictures 2011-68
Santa Pictures 2011-69Santa Pictures 2011-70Santa Pictures 2011-71
Santa Pictures 2011-72Santa Pictures 2011-73Santa Pictures 2011-74
Santa Pictures 2011-75Santa Pictures 2011-76Santa Pictures 2011-77
Miley 2009Miley 2009Santa Pictures 2011-78
Santa Pictures 2011-79Santa Pictures 2011-80Santa Pictures 2011-81
Santa Pictures 2011-82Santa Pictures 2011-83Grace is buttering up Santa!
Kensleigh Grace Slade with SantaKensleigh Grace SladeKensleigh Grace Slade looking at Santa
Santa & ChristopherChristopherChristopher
Emma with SantaEmma StevensThank you Christina for giving me Emma's name for the site
197JadenSanta & Jaden
MileyCassidySanta with Cassidy's List . . . She never forgets it!
All I can say is . . . we were sure lucky that Alissa Britt's daughter likes shoes!Maclaine & SantaSanta with Maclaine and her new boots.
182BryleeBrylee & Braxton
BraxtonBraxtonBrylee & Braxton
Sure . . . She'll go see Santa . . ONLY if she can wear her Dalmation Dance Costume294295
SophiaSophiaSanta & Sabastian
Show the little man a gadget . . . snap the shot quick!  Works like that for all guys.204Santa & Mary
Lauren, Santa & Braxton256The REAL reason for Lauren's visit on Saturday?   No, not to get her picture taken with Santa . . . to get her baby's picture taken with Santa!  (her baby is on the left)
Click here for Photos with Santa 08Isabella in her Tutu from The Velveteen Rabbit - Click here for more pictures of herShae - 18 months old
This is Madeleine, 16mos old, in her beautiful Sarah Louise Dress 1st Birthday Boy*032
*053*075Avery in his horse costume - cute as can be!
Sydney  -  Warm and Cozy!ConorBarbara with a new "special gift" to herself - Her  baby "Angel"
*046Woodson Children
Virginia Beach Town Planner*83*107
Georgia's 1st B'DayLee Middleton Dolls - The Dolls that Love you BackLee Middleton in Gown
Smocked Pink Bunny Dress
Pink Check Easter Bunny Angel Dress
Boys Blue Check Easter Bunny Bubble
Funtasia Boys Reversible Bunny John John
Funtasia Reversible Bunny Jumper
Bailey Boys Light Blue John John & Shirt
Bailey Boys Light Blue Boy's Bubble
Sarah Louise Dress & Panty
Petit Ami Light Yellow Angel Sleeve Dress
Pink Smocked Whale Angel Sleeve Dress
Pink Smocked Angel Sleeve Bubble
Smocked Pink Stripe Watermelon Angel Sleeve Bishop
Pink & White or Lavender & White Ballerina Dress
WillBeth White Voile Dress Smocked With Pink and Pink Ribbons
Will'Beth White Bishop Smocked with Pink Rosebuds & Ribbons
Glorimont Lime Sweater Vest & Stripe Pants
Bailey Boys Reversible Christmas / Cheer Leader Jumper
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Sale price: $36.00
Red Stripe Holiday "Candy Cane" Dress with Matching Leggins
Hot Pink Snowman Pantset