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Nookums Love Lamb Buddy

Nookums Love Lamb Buddy
Item# 10448

Product Description

These cuddly characters are capable of connecting to almost any pacifier, making the pacifier easy for young babies to independently manevour. Lightweight and soft.

Pacifier Holders have a flexible Hug RingTM that attaches to a variety of baby's favorite pacifiers including Mam, Avent, NUK, Nuby and many more. Paci-Plushies® plush animals make it easier for babies to independently maneuver the pacifier at a young age. Our huggable designs are sized for little hands and textured for touch and exploration. When baby outgrows the pacifier, the Paci-Plushies® animal becomes a familiar toy that helps to ease the transition tear-free.

Pacifier detaches for replacement & sanitation. Plush is machine washable. BPA and PHTHALATE free.

Quite possibly the best, most unique and useful baby shower gift available!