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Hooter Hiders Quatrefoil Nursing Cover

Hooter Hiders Quatrefoil Nursing Cover
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Product Description

Hooter Hiders Quatrefoil Nursing Cover We know little ones like to nurse on their own schedule, sometimes as much as every two hours like clockwork. That can add up to A LOT of timeouts mom takes to nurse. Sometimes these little self-imposed breaks are welcome. After all, nursing is a special time to bond with baby. But sometimes we’d like to stay engaged in our social setting, too. That’s why Hooter Hiders were born. Our award-winning covers simplify nursing in public so that everyone -- mom, baby, and present company -- can carry on. And since they’re exclusively designed in a collection of hip prints, mom can keep her style and company while nursing.

About the Pattern:

Quatrefoil will bring you luck as it is named for its unique shape that is notably similar to that of a four leaf clover. Offered in a simple yet striking white and black color palette, this cover is versatile and gender neutral.