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Hooter Hiders Nest Nursing Cover

Hooter Hiders Nest Nursing Cover
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Product Description

Hooter Hiders Nest Nursing Cover We know little ones like to nurse on their own schedule, sometimes as much as every two hours like clockwork. That can add up to A LOT of timeouts mom takes to nurse. Sometimes these little self-imposed breaks are welcome. After all, nursing is a special time to bond with baby. But sometimes we’d like to stay engaged in our social setting, too. That’s why Hooter Hiders were born. Our award-winning covers simplify nursing in public so that everyone -- mom, baby, and present company -- can carry on. And since they’re exclusively designed in a collection of hip prints, mom can keep her style and company while nursing.

About the Pattern:

A romantic soft gray is the perfect backdrop for cream-colored birds to make a home in matching branches.

Product Features:

•Patented RigiFlex™ Neckline allows for optimal viewing of baby and ventilation

•Neckline Safety Technology promotes product longevity by preventing fabric wear and tear that may pose a hazard to baby or mom

•100% breathable Cotton – single layered for cool comfort, soft as can be as it delicately shelters baby while nursing. Tuck top corner under arm for full coverage

•External Pocket for breast pad or other small item storage

•Coordinating Storage Pouch

•Adjustable d-ring neck strap with branded hardware for authenticity. Adjust it once and done.

•Generously sized 26” X 36” to allow baby to remain focused, not distracted during nursing

•Compact covers roll up to take wherever you go.

•Multi-use: use as a changing mat, sunshade, and light blanket. Bonus? Less gear to cart around and more change in your pocket.

•Machine washable